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Park Place Seniors Living

Founded in 1983, Park Place Seniors Living is a family owned and operated company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Starting out as a nurse, Jenny Jina has worked with seniors her entire life. Together with her husband Altaf, they opened their first location in Nelson, British Columbia in 1993, with the goal of enriching the lives of seniors and defining a new quality of care.

Today, the Park Place family has grown to more than 30 residences in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario. Park Place Seniors Living strives to provide enriched life experiences to seniors through innovation and creativity. Recognized as a preferred facility operator in Alberta, all of their residences are certified by Accreditation Canada. Well aligned with the Generations value system, and with years of well-respected experience our operating partner Park Place Seniors Living has been carefully selected to manage the care and day-to-day operations in the Supportive and Long-Term Care Living Hub.