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An integrated approach to care

Designed to enhance the quality of life of seniors, our campus includes designated supportive living and long-term care living units and spaces that allow for mental, physical, social, and spiritual well-being. Through culturally inclusive and relevant programming, our residents enjoy activities that allow them to live an independent and fulfilling life. Our engaging spaces have been developed using best practices in care in both the design and layout, including a multi-purpose hall for community activities and events, as well as an early childhood development (ECD) centre, which features inter-generational programming and encourage volunteer engagement.

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care options

Designated supportive living and long-term care

The Supportive & Long-Term Care Complex of Generations consists of 120 continuing care suites. Generations has made every effort to ensure that our residents receive care from qualified health practitioners who love their jobs and are willing to go the extra mile. We have adopted a resident-centric care plan that allows staff to offer care for our residents on their terms, including when they like to wake up, what activities they enjoy and what they like to do with their time.

activities & events

Engaging, culturally inclusive programs for Seniors

Through culturally inclusive and relevant programming, our residents can enjoy activities that cater to important celebrations and social occasions. Residents will have access to events and programs in the multi-purpose hall, adult day-stay wellness programs, and engaging activities with children from the on-site early childhood development centre. Our staff will also work with residents to arrange transportation for personal needs, through the City of Calgary Transit Access system and, to plan for group transportation for any offsite field trips.

Assessments and admission to all units in Generations Supportive and Long-Term Care are managed by Alberta Health Services. For information on the application process, please complete the form below.