guiding principles

Providing a high-quality of life for our aging population

Our aim is to go well beyond meeting provincial requirements and accreditation standards to provide an environment where seniors can flourish in all aspects of life.  To achieve this, every facet of our work will be guided by the following principles:

Dignified Aging in Place
We provide a high-quality of life for the aging population in a campus designed to meet the needs of seniors in varying stages of life.

Inter-Generational Interaction
By creating opportunities and spaces for the young and the aging to interact in a vibrant community campus, we enhance the lives of both.

Volunteers are the strength of the Generations campus, collectively owning the well-being of our seniors, children and community.

Person-Centered Care
Through a dignified aging-in-place model, Generations provides seniors with a holistic approach to meet their emotional, medical, physical, spiritual, and social needs.

Best-in-Class Practices
Through our approach to person-centered care, we will be leaders in culturally appropriate programming, services and volunteer engagement.