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An inter-generational, vibrant campus of care

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our story

A community supported model of care for all ages

In 2008, His Highness the Aga Khan, spiritual leader of the world’s 15 million Ismaili Muslims, identified Generations as one of a number of global pilot initiatives designed to enhance quality of life. Borne of the recognition that the bonds of family and community are essential components of aging with dignity and joy, Generations was conceived as a multi-dimensional campus that could serve the varied needs of its residents in a place that feels like home.

With the launch of its Supportive and Long-Term Care Living Hub in September 2019, Generations seeks to foster an environment for quality aging for the most vulnerable and frail among the elderly.

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our vision



Purpose. Connections. Possibilities.


Our Mission

At Generations we create opportunities for elders to thrive within a culturally-responsive multi-generational community.


Strategic Plan

  1. Build infrastructure to drive exemplary care and joyful living.

  2. Become a Centre of Excellence (COE) for multi-generational care.

  3. Develop capacity and self sustaining model for operations of Multi Generational Housing (MGH).

  4. Prepare concept, plan and implement Phase 3 (Affordable Housing for families).

  5. Share  governance and recommendations on management structure for Canadian MGH’s.

  6. Develop a framework to facilitate sharing of learnings, best practices and knowledge that can be replicated for MGH’s worldwide.

guiding principles

Providing a high-quality of life for our aging population

Our aim is to go well beyond meeting provincial requirements and accreditation standards to provide an environment where seniors can flourish in all aspects of life.  To achieve this, every facet of our work will be guided by the following principles:

Dignified Aging in Place
We provide a high-quality of life for the aging population in a campus designed to meet the needs of seniors in varying stages of life.

Inter-Generational Interaction
By creating opportunities and spaces for the young and the aging to interact in a vibrant community campus, we enhance the lives of both.

Volunteers are the strength of the Generations campus, collectively owning the well-being of our seniors, children and community.

Person-Centered Care
Through a dignified aging-in-place model, Generations provides seniors with a holistic approach to meet their emotional, medical, physical, spiritual, and social needs.

Best-in-Class Practices
Through our approach to person-centered care, we will be leaders in culturally appropriate programming, services and volunteer engagement.

our care provider

Park Place Seniors Living

Founded in 1983, Park Place Seniors Living is a family owned and operated company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Starting out as a nurse, Jenny Jina has worked with seniors her entire life. Together with her husband Altaf, they opened their first location in Nelson, British Columbia in 1993, with the goal of enriching the lives of seniors and defining a new quality of care.

Today, the Park Place family has grown to more than 30 residences in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario. Park Place Seniors Living strives to provide enriched life experiences to seniors through innovation and creativity. Recognized as a preferred facility operator in Alberta, all of their residences are certified by Accreditation Canada. Well aligned with the Generations value system, and with years of well-respected experience our operating partner Park Place Seniors Living has been carefully selected to manage the care and day-to-day operations in the Supportive and Long-Term Care Living Hub.

  • about generations

    Planned and supported by the Ismaili Muslim community, Generations is inspired by the community’s timeless values of compassion, care for the vulnerable, respect for diversity, service to others, and the dignity of human life.

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  • Supportive & Long-Term Care Living Hub

    An integrated approach to care, our newest hub features 120 continuing care suites.

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  • careers & volunteering

    Employees and volunteers are the backbone of the Generations campus, collectively enhancing the well-being of our seniors, children and community.

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